The curse of the laundry

I have spent the past 3 days trying to get on top of the laundry, and that’s just my little man’s stuff, not ours! Our dirty laundry basket is over flowing! My house feels like a dry cleaners with clothes hanging everywhere (because inevitably, when I am behind in the washing and I really need the sun to be out, it rains, consistently!). I heard someone say once that if we didn’t wear clothes they’d be on top of the washing…I had a little chuckle because I feel exactly the same way! How can a little person produce so much washing? From singlets to blankets, I seem to have had to wash every item of clothing or manchester my little boy has this week.

I have tried a few things to get on top of the feeling that I am never on top of the laundry, but I still end up at this point – feeling overwhelmed and very NOT on top of it! I have tried to do a load a day, at least, and I thought that was working to begin with, but then I realised that I also have to fold and put it all away – are you serious, I hear you think, what else would you do with it. I know, I know, I am a fairly smart person (I think, though I am blonde so go figure) so I know that I have to put it away as well, but when it all just piles up on the rocking chair in the living room, I feel that familiar overwhelming feeling and it’s almost paralysing. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to do it…until there is no more room on the rocking chair and both of my two laundry baskets are full, I realise that the time has come to take action and summon the energy from somewhere within. Surely I am not the only mum to feel like this?

Short of hiring someone to do it all for me (which is tempting but not really an option), what are some of your tips for getting on top of the laundry?!


2 thoughts on “The curse of the laundry

  1. Loz

    I hear you sister! I think I’ve tried every organisional washing tip on the internet and have come to the conclusion that I just have to do it. Mind you, I find folding and ironing therapeutic. It’s the sorting and putting I washing in the machine that I hate!

  2. Janette

    AGHH! Washing rules the life of a mum I’m afraid. In winter we use the dryer a bit as well as clothes horses but my tip is to do it daily. I fold at night and put away the next morning. Ironing is once a week while watching the TV with my husband.


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