The things we do

I was quite looking forward to my evening tonight. After putting my little man to bed, I was going to enjoy a nice relaxing soak in the bath. This is something that I don’t do very often mainly because, when I think of doing it, I can’t be bothered running the bath and waiting for it because I am just too exhausted! However, after reading a few blogs recently on taking the time to do things for us mums, I thought that tonight I’d put the exhaustion excuse aside and just run the bath! I took out all of the baby bath toys (as tempting as it was the have rubber duckies aimlessly swimming around me), poured myself a delicious glass of red and placed my magazine (that I bought a month ago and still haven’t been able to read) on the bath caddy tray. As I got into the gloriously warm bath, I slipped on the non-slip mat (ah, seriously!?) and proceeded to knock my beloved magazine into the water!!!!! Thankfully I was quick with my tired reflexes and scooped it up, dripping and looking very soggy! I wasn’t going to be defeated, so I got over it, took a sip (ok, perhaps a glug) of wine and read the magazine regardless.

What have you really looked forward to, only to have your happiness bubble burst by something relatively out of your control?!


One thought on “The things we do

  1. Loz

    I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to send my apologies to much anticipated events and nights out due to sick kids. A truly sucky part of being a parent sometimes! The only redeeming feature is lovely long cuddles (long ones are now few and far between) with the sickie. Mmm…wine…


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