The battle of the teeth

I am tired, and not because I have been up all night tired, but because I have a teething baby tired. My gorgeous little man, who is usually so happy and compliant, has been fussy and grizzly these past few days, and my guess is it’s because of tooth #2 coming through. He’s more often than not happy to entertain himself, play with his toys (I mean eat them) and also have mummy time with cuddles and books and peek-a-boo. The last few days he’s not been so happy to do these things, but instead wants to be picked up and carried around, he doesn’t want to sleep and he’s not eating as much as he normally does (and he likes his food!). It’s hard going and wearing, and you almost feel as if you are getting the tooth as well! You feel every pain, but in a different kind of way. You feel sorry for your little tiger because it must be such a harrowing time, to have this pain and not really understand what it is, and why you’re feeling so poorly. Your only way to communicate is to cry and grizzle, and its not your fault, it’s just the only way to let us know what’s going on. Sometimes I think that when he can talk, it will be so much easier, he’ll be able to actually tell us what’s wrong. Then I think about all of the other things that come with that – ‘no’, ‘no’ and more ‘no’…every little persons favourite word for what may seem like years!! The good thing is that I know this difficult time will pass, as it did with tooth #1. It only lasts for a few days and then our little dude is back to his happy, giggling self. In the mean time, I am happy to be tired if it means that I am a comfort to him, and perhaps in a couple of days time I might be able to catch up a bit…”said no mum ever” echoed in my head then!! We’ll see!


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