Vicious cycle

Common Cold germ cross stitch by aliciawatkins on easy

Common Cold germ cross stitch by aliciawatkins on Etsy

We have had two weeks of a cold going around our house, and it seems to have taken over our lives. It’s the first cold that our little dude has caught, and it was just awful seeing him struggle through it. He slurped, gurgled, coughed and spluttered his way through his feeds and his nose has been like a dripping tap that can’t be turned off. To make matters worse, he won’t let his mother wipe his nose! Happy for everyone else to, but for some reason I’m not allowed to get near that dripping tap.

The common cold has always been a nightmare, and being a teacher seems to be a pre-requisite for getting one at least twice a year (more if you’re super lucky), so I was pretty familiar with the side effects. It was hard enough having one pre-child, but when you have a child and a cold, it is damn hard work! I achieved nothing last week because when I put my son to bed I went off to mine too. Thankfully child #1 was having a great week for sleeps, so I managed to “catch up” a bit and the common cold didn’t turn into anything worse or particularly unmanageable. I was popping the Vit C like there was no tomorrow, and I am grateful for a flourishing lemon tree and some yummy honey that helped take the edge off. The fire was roaring and 25 degrees inside was never quite warm enough!

We’re all over the dreaded cold now, but I am certainly determined to ensure none of us, especially our little man, get the cold again this year.

What are your tips for getting through winter and all the ailments – either with children or without?!


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