When I win the lottery…


I admit, I lay awake some nights planning my home renovation, even though there are no plans to actually do any renovating in the near future – we’ve only just finished updating the interior of the house after 4 years of living in it! But I blame Pinterest, Houzz and any other website/app that feeds my already overflowing mind with ideas and dreams. I have been known to wake up in the wee hours of the morning with what seems like such an architectural brainwave or two, and then am so excited with my mental achievement that I can’t get back to sleep!! There are so many wonderful home improvement and renovation ideas out there, but the main problem that seems to stop us from doing any of them, or even thinking about the massive overhaul we may or may not do on this current house down the track, is money!! Why does money have to be the deciding factor on so many things?! I really need to win the lottery, but seriously I’d have to buy a ticket to be in the running, and I just don’t seem to be disciplined enough to go that far! So, for now, it looks like I’ll continue along my merry, dreamy way, conjuring up all sorts of wonderful ideas for my imaginary renovation, at all ungodly hours of the morning!


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