Monthly Archives: July 2014

Sunday dreaming

I love Sunday mornings when I get a blog post in my email inbox from Katrina at On Sunday’s she posts a new home that’s for sale somewhere around Australia. She has posted some absolutely gorgeous homes, this one in SA being my particular favourite! She calls this blog segment Stunning Sunday, and I must admit she’s spot on with stunning when it comes to these homes. It makes me dream about all of the things that I’d put into my new home, and I have to say that this new home I might one day have is going to be enormous in order to fit all of these wish list items into!! But then after this period of dreaming, I come back to reality and immediately tell myself that there is so much to be thankful about the house that we actually have…we have worked really hard for what we have now. We don’t have the biggest, newest house, but we definitely have a comfortable, warm and inviting home that we have spent many hours (and dollars) painting, decorating and renovating to make it our own. It’s an awesome home to bring up a family in, and we are happy here. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming though, so I’ll continue to create my wish list and enjoy reading Katrina’s Stunning Sunday blog every weekend! Have a great Sunday everyone!




It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog, and not because I haven’t wanted to. I just haven’t found the time to sit down for more than 10 minutes whilst my mind is fresh! Time seems to get away from me, and in the past few months it’s felt more so than other times.

It’s the middle of winter here in my neck of the woods, and today you can certainly feel it!! It’s freezing, wet and there’s a very chilly wind! Colds are doing the rounds in our family, and we’re lucky that the lemon tree in the backyard is bursting with ripe yellow fruit.

For anyone else feeling a cold coming on, try this cold blasting drink!!

What are your cold busting tips this winter? I’d love to hear them!