Project Veggie Garden – Week #1

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a veggie garden. I remember my mum, an avid gardener, putting together a herb garden when we were younger, and I was disappointed that there weren’t any planned veggies in there. I say no planned veggies because the odd potato or tomato bush appeared care of the compost soil that mum put into the herb garden. I do remember her quickly ripping them out when she realised, but I was quietly devastated that we didn’t grow our own veggies. I am not sure where the fascination came from, perhaps it was hearing of other kids at schools having them (though I don’t remember anyone saying that they did). Or maybe it was that my grandfather grew his own vegetables, and I loved eating the fruits of his labour – most notably the stewed rhubarb he used to give us that we lashed on top of our ice-cream! When my husband and I moved into our first home we set about making up our vegetable patch, starting with one bed and then working our way to the 5 that we have now. The last 2 summers haven’t seen the most amazing crops; last year I was battling the heat with a 5 month old and the year before that I was pregnant and sick most of the time! This year I am determined to make a good go of it and nurture it so that we can have some delicious summer veggies! My husband was ready to give up on the veggie patch as he’s not consistently around over summer so he was starting to feel like he just wasn’t able to commit the time to it. I on the other hand was keen to get the passion back, and have a project for myself to focus on – because, like seriously, I don’t already have enough to do?!!! Anyway, true to form and just like my mum, I can’t sit still for very long, so Project Veggie Patch is happening for the Summer of 2014/2015!!

On the day that sees most of Victoria glued to a television watching the Melbourne Cup, I got about planning the layout for the veggie patch. I have a notebook dedicated to the task, so I drew up a plan of the veggie patches (I am not an artist so when you see my drawing don’t laugh!!) and where we would put the seeds or seedlings. I also did some research on making my own cover to go over the strawberry plants to keep the birds away! I then set off to the local Bunnings to collect the things that I needed and came back all gung-ho and ready to go! I spent a solid hour with my head down and bum in the air planting the seeds and seedlings, and then laying down the sugar cane mulch to go on top. I was so impressed with my efforts! I particularly love the contraption I have over the strawberries, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it holds up and if it does in fact keep the birds at bay.

Veggie Garden photos Week 1

The Plan      Veggie Garden Planner

So because of my excitement at this little project, and as a sign of my commitment to keep it going throughout the Summer and into the Autumn, I thought that I’d try to regularly blog about it. Feel free to add your comments as I go along, and any advice that you might have for this novice veggie gardener. Any questions are also welcome! I’m not an expert, and I rely on many websites and books to get me through, but I am happy to share to my experience, and even perhaps inspire a few of you to get involved and start your own!! Don’t forget to follow the blog so that you can get the updates. I hope to blog once a week about it, including any photos that I might have – don’t worry, I won’t bother with a photo if I haven’t seen anything sprout!! IF anything exciting happens in between the weekly posts, I might pop something up, but I’ll try not to go over board! I am using this as a means to keep the excitement up and be accountable to making a good go of it this season!

I look forward to sharing the journey with you!


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