Mission Impossible

Trying to reason with a 15 month old is mission impossible! I find myself explaining to my son, mid tantrum, why it is that he can’t have my mug full of hot coffee or why he can’t push the metal firewood holder around like a trolley (because serious, it will scratch the tiles), and then follow it up with a comment out loud, to myself, along the lines of “as if you can understand me or care”!! I can’t be alone in this scenario! I’m certain others must have found themselves negotiating with the impossible! And what’s even worse is that I look at this divine little boy, as he’s having said tantrum, and have a little shake of the head and silent laugh as I look at my little self…I can imagine that I was the same when I was that age – strong willed and unwilling to negotiate, or heaven forbid, share!!!!! Everyday I gain a new appreciation for my mother and what she had to contend with…sorry Mum!



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