A frosty start

So Winter has well and truly come upon is here, with yesterday but extremely chilly and wet! I believe that there’s already snow on the mountains, which will make for a great opening Ski Season this coming long weekend. Most of us like to hibernate in the Winter, and there is nothing nicer than cuddling up in bed under the doona or on the couch under a blanket when it’s so cold and wet outside. We are lucky enough to have a wood burning heater in our house. We also have gas central heating but since the fire has gone in, we hardly use it. You just can’t beat the heat from a wood fire! We love it and I particularly like roasting my bottom in front of it after coming in from the cold.

On another note…has anyone seen or done this celery trick before?! We eat a lot of celery in this house, so it’s a lot of wasted celery bottoms that go into our compost bin. I was Pinterest surfing (and if you haven’t got into Pinterest yet, you are missing out – but be prepared to waste a lot of time!!) and found a tip to grow your own celery. All you have to do is cut off the bottom of the celery, place it into a shallow dish of water, and leave it inside in a sunny spot for a few weeks (and keep the water up to it). Before you know it, the middle will be sprouting new life, and once there’s a good amount of growth there, you just pop it out into the veggie patch! That easy!! We’ve done this a few times before, as has my mum and another family member after I raved about it. It’s worth giving it a go in order to have fresh celery on hand all the time!! Happy planting!!

Celery bulb

Celery bulb

Celery after 3 weeks

Celery after 3 weeks


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