Second Time Around

We have been blessed with another wee bundle of joy…well it’s been just over 4 months now but he’s still a tiny bundle compared with his boisterous but adorable toddler brother! There are a few things that I have totally forgotten about when it comes to newborns/babies! Firstly, your hair falls out! My goodness, it falls out so much that I wonder how I still manage to have a head full of thick hair! My hair ends up all over the house, or in the car as I manage to pull out chunks of it when I’m driving along and it’s tickling my neck! My baby is constantly getting it wrapped around his fingers and then in his mouth when he’s sucking on his hands!

Getting out of the house is like a military operation! In the end you just decide not to go anywhere unless it’s absolutely necessary! I found it hard to get into a good routine of leaving the house with 1 child, and I felt like I had finally got the timing right and for the most part could get out of the house without too much drama. Throw in #2 and my goodness the learning curve is high again and I am back to the stage of wondering if it’s worth the effort! There is no such thing as a quick trip to the shops, and you never just duck out for a few minutes if you have the kids in tow! Thank goodness for supermarkets who deliver groceries otherwise we’d just be eating two minute noodles, soup and toast all week!!

Getting out of the house with kids

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Having a shower is no longer relaxing, at all! I lock the door to have a shower in peace and the toddler screams on the other side of the door and bangs on it just incase I didn’t realise by the screaming that he wanted to come in! If I leave the door open the toddler wants to get into the shower with me! I try to have a shower when my baby is in bed and just before he falls asleep, because unfortunately his room shares a wall with the bathroom (the joys of living in an older house, everything is compact and all close together). Sometimes I can’t manage that for whatever reason (come to think of it, trying to have a shower is close to trying to get out of the house!), so that’s when the door is left open so that my baby can lay on the beanbag where I have a good eye on him – well a good eye on him in case the toddler comes close…on the whole he is great with his baby brother, but there are those moments! I have started showering at night, but by the time I actually get into the shower my eyes are beginning to hang out of my head and I just want to be horizontal and sound asleep! Let’s not even get started on going to the toilet on your own!!!

The sleep deprivation, and that needs to be in italics for added emphasis on how bad this is! I completely understand why it’s been used as a form of torture because, quite frankly, it is torture, and even more so with a toddler thrown into the mix who doesn’t want to sleep when the baby sleeps so that you can sleep, or even let you lay your head down on the couch for a little snooze! I have tried the latter, only to have all sorts of toys, mainly cars, driven up my face all the while making extremely loud ‘zooom’ noises and calling ‘Mummy! Mummy!’.

I know that these things aren’t anything new at all! Most, if not all, Mum’s experience these things and more. The nice thing is to be able to share and vent with people so that you don’t feel totally alone and like you are the only one that experiences these things!

What are some of the daily battles you face that you have forgotten about since having your first child? Or even if you only have one child, are there other things here that you have found difficult or challenging?


5 thoughts on “Second Time Around

  1. Kate bucknell

    Oh the joy of the children coming into the toilet whilst your on it and pushing your bum out of the way so they can look in it and discuss what you have done.

  2. Courtney steenholdt

    Getting them up & everyone ready to leave the house by flipping 7am so I can get to work!!! The bickering & fighting has me in tears as I reverse out of the driveway. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. And Ps. My hair is still falling our. 7 years later. Another sigh. Xxxx

    1. wintermum Post author

      Oh no!! Never nice to start the day with tears! I am sure you are not alone there though 😦 And not on about the hair…we’ll be all bald before we know it!!


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