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Peaceful Morning Yoga Session – I think not!

I have been on a quest to exercise daily to help my energy levels increase and for my general wellbeing. Some mornings I walk with my Mum, which has been a great opportunity for us to spend some time together as life is so busy! Then other mornings when we can’t walk for whatever reasons, I try to do some yoga in the lounge room. I’ve found a great YouTube channel with a great selection of videos from beginner, to more experienced, and even a 30 day challenge! So this morning Mum and I decided not to walk, so I got up to do my Yoga instead. Our 6 and a half month old was already getting grumpy at 5:40am, so I got him up with me at 5:55am and popped him in his swing to watch me stretch it out…15 minutes in and he really couldn’t have been any less impressed with my yoga routine and he spat it, the dummy wasn’t working, neither were the toys, so I paused the yoga and prepared his bottle. My husband got up to feed Charlie for me, but at the same time Mr almost 3 year old, Henry, walked out of his room to start the day. He started out fairly supportive of Mummy doing some yoga, even helping by placing a supportive hand on my back as I completed a pos, but before long he was demanding “Choc Milk” (aka a warm Milo) and his support for my quest went right out the window! I did get to finish my yoga workout, but it wasn’t at all peaceful, I missed much of what the lovely instructor was saying, and I probably didn’t do the moves exactly right but I did give it my best shot. I did get out of bed, I did make the effort and I do feel all the better for it. Something is better than nothing, right?!

So if you are keen on doing some yoga, check out Yoga with Adriene. The sessions aren’t too long so they’re great if you have a tight schedule, and she’s really good at explaining the positions. I started the 30 Day Challenge today, so we’ll see how many days I can stick that out to! Join me in it, send me an email to let me know – wintermumblog(at)…we can keep each other accountable!



Chucking a sickie!

I’d like to call in sick today…you know, ring the boss and just say that you’re coming down with something and you won’t be in. That’s the kind of morning I am having, but who do I call? I don’t think that my son would understand me, or care for that matter, if I told him I wasn’t going to turn up to be ‘Mum’ today! Regardless of how I feel, I am mum to a lively, cuddly (when he wants to be), loud, messy and loving little bloke, and I have to turn up and be fully present no matter how I might personally be feeling. But on days like today, how do you push through that mental barrier of just wanting to have a day off, and get to the other side so you can be the best possible mum for your child (or children)? I was Facebook scrawling this morning in a bit of a daze, and a post on “How to pull it together when you are Parenting on empty” by popped up – how appropriate!! There were some good tips in there, things that I know and have heard before, like Letting Go (and yes I did start to sing the song when I read those two words, who doesn’t?!) and only aiming to achieve one major goal for the day – and if some days that’s just keeping everyone in the house alive, then that’s absolutely fine! The washing can wait until tomorrow, and the dishes are ok to sit in the sink for just a little bit longer. This one for me has been particularly hard to come to terms with over the last two years since my son was born (well, almost two years), because whilst I’m not a clean freak, I do start to feel a bit out of control when the house looks like a bomb site. When I start to feel like that, I look at doing just one task to get things on track a little – that might be just to clean up the toys lying around the house, or tidy the kitchen bench. Something achievable that will make you feel a bit better on the inside, but won’t take all day to do.

The blog post also mentioned to remember to schedule some fun! It doesn’t have to be a day full of planned activities, but something like a trip to the park in the morning or playing with your child for half an hour or so – it’s not only showing your child that you do have time for them and that you want to play, but I can find it to help to forget about all the things that I should be doing and instead focus on having a little bit of fun with the pride and joy in your life. As a teacher, I know that children want to be given attention from their parents to help them form identity and feel loved and wanted, so giving this time is so very important for them, and for building a much needed and rewarding relationship with your child (I use singular here but of course it applies to all the children you may have).

Now, let me just throw in here that I am NOT an expert, I am just simply one mum who readily admits that I don’t have it all together all of the time, and if me sharing that simple fact and a few tips or websites that I have found helpful helps just one other mum to feel a bit more human again, then I’d say that’s a win! Parenting is hard work, and nothing can prepare you for the days where you are just pulling it together on coffee and chocolate (and we’ll get to my new found love of chocolate shortly). We hear lots of the stories of people loving being a mum and loving staying at home to watch their little munchkins grow, and no doubt I’ll write about those days too, but today this is where I am at and I wanted to share…I know that I find stories of others also battling through at times uplifting, because I feel the weight of the world life from my shoulders as I realise that I am not the only one!!!! Women should support one another and this is one way that I am going to do just that! And believe it or not, writing and sharing about my story actually helps me too – who would’ve thought?!!

Anyway, so now that the disclaimer is out of the way, lets get back to the really helpful stuff! In the post I read all blurry eyed this morning, there was a good analogy used about airlines reminding us to put our own oxygen masks on before we put them on others. This is so true, if we don’t look after ourselves first, how can we possibly expect to look after anyone else, let alone little people who take so much love and care and attention?! So doing something like reading a magazine, going for a walk or reading a book, even for just a short time, can be enough to feed yourself some much needed energy to continue on with your day. For me it can be reading blogs or looking at the online magazine subscriptions that often get left for months as life carries on, so catching up on them is a bit of special ‘me’ time. Don’t underestimate the calming and therapeutic nature a good soak in the bath can give too, and it’s something you can enjoy once the kids are in bed.

And if all else fails, maintaining and going through a stock pile of chocolate is a good one too!! I am not much of a chocolate fan, but lately I have been loving Cadbury’s Hazelnut chocolate!! YUMMY!!

If you’ve got any tips on how you get through those tough days, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below. Have a wonderful day 🙂

So it’s been a while…

I haven’t written on this blog for ages…I just haven’t had the mojo to do any writing. I haven’t had any inspiration, my life has been a bit hectic and perhaps I just felt that I didn’t have anything to say or worth writing about. I am hoping that I am not the only blogger that goes through stages like that. I was all ramped up to share my veggie garden delights over the summer, but honestly there weren’t many delights to write about as some changes evolved in my life. We decided that it was time to think seriously about growing our little family, and that is exactly what I am doing now – I am harbouring a little one in my belly and we are now just over 4 months away from meeting our little one #2! This may have also contributed to my lack of energy for writing – unfortunately I was fairly sick from about 6 weeks up until 14 weeks, and anyone who has had more than one child will most likely tell you that being pregnant with another one, whilst still caring for the first, is hard work! Throw in the desire to curl up in bed for days on end and it’s even worse. It’s nice to be over that constant queezy feeling, and now it’s just a case of staying healthy as we approach winter and I do my best to be mum to a toddler and nurture the wee one growing inside. In the coming posts, I hope to share a bit more about what the last 6 months have looked like, what plans we have in place over the coming months before #2 arrives, and the little business that I have started up an what that involves! I am excited to share these things, and evolve this blog into a bit more than it has been up until now. I look forward to sharing the journey with you all, and hope that you can get some inspiration, support and ideas from little ol’ me! And, I might even get a bit creative and make the actual site look a bit more exciting!!

Sleep like a baby

'Sleep like a baby' found on Pinterest with link to

‘Sleep like a baby’ found on Pinterest with link to

Whoever coined the term ‘sleep like a baby’ clearly never had a baby! We are going through a rocky patch at the moment with a sick, teething child who has now taken to napping during the day rather than the nice 2 long sleeps he normally would have! What the?! Please, little man, no!!! Any other mum who is often home with a child during the day will no doubt sympathise when I say that sleep times are the times that you can get stuff done! You can eat, shower, go to the toilet in peace, put the washing out on the line, bring the washing in from the line, tidy up or just.sit.down.for.a.second.of.peace! So when your child, or children, don’t follow their ‘regular’ routine (shhh, don’t say the ‘r’ word!!), you start to feel yourself going a little batty! Perhaps I was just batty before, in fact I’m sure those around me would definitely say that I was, but right now I feel particularly batty. I’m forgetting things, lots of things, and only seconds after I thought those things. And not in the baby brain way, but in the exasperated, I AM TIRED, I AM MENTALLY EXHAUSTED and SICK OF CRYING kind of way! I love my son, he is honestly the most adorable, loving, happy little dude, but on those days where you think that there are many more tears than laughter, it can really get you down. You wrack your brains trying to think of all the possible reasons why they might be so upset – hungry, thirsty, tired, hot, cold, wet nappy…what ever it is! So you go about trying to ‘fix’ it! But let’s face it, we all have those days where we got up on the wrong side of bed, so why should babies and children be any different?! That thought doesn’t help when your child is hysterical, throwing themselves backwards and narrowly missing the door frame, or arching their back as you try to console them in your arms! I know that I could be heard saying to my son once or twice ‘Mummy will sleep then and you can do the housework!’ I don’t know what the answer is to any of this, it’s just a phase and it won’t last for ever. It’s just a reflection of where we are at right now, we’re riding the highs and lows of parenthood!

Some other thoughts that I have on this: is Mr H ready to go to 1 sleep? I’ve tried this a few times, but he still only sleeps for an hour and is super grumpy in the afternoon, rubbing his eyes and yawning…so I don’t think that he is ready just yet. I also use The Wonder Weeks app (and have the eBook as well) but right now it’s meant to be a sunny, happy stage…hmmmm!!!! The sun ain’t shining in this house!!

We’ll just ride it out and get through one day at a time…with lots of coffee and chocolate (I must be desperate to go for the chocolate because I don’t normally eat it!) to go with it!

What are your tricks for keeping sane when you have these days with your little one(s)?! I’d love to hear them!!

Mission Impossible

Trying to reason with a 15 month old is mission impossible! I find myself explaining to my son, mid tantrum, why it is that he can’t have my mug full of hot coffee or why he can’t push the metal firewood holder around like a trolley (because serious, it will scratch the tiles), and then follow it up with a comment out loud, to myself, along the lines of “as if you can understand me or care”!! I can’t be alone in this scenario! I’m certain others must have found themselves negotiating with the impossible! And what’s even worse is that I look at this divine little boy, as he’s having said tantrum, and have a little shake of the head and silent laugh as I look at my little self…I can imagine that I was the same when I was that age – strong willed and unwilling to negotiate, or heaven forbid, share!!!!! Everyday I gain a new appreciation for my mother and what she had to contend with…sorry Mum!


Chuckles & Tantrums

We have a 1 year old, and it would also seem that coinciding with that we have a toddler. We have begun to navigate around the unfamiliar territory of tantrums from a child who can’t yet speak. It’s like a game of charades, however the other player isn’t very good at expressing their thoughts in any other way than tears and whinging. I think that we’re doing a pretty good job of playing the game, but we do lose every so often…sometimes we all come a drawer! The consolation at the moment is that Mr One is not walking un-aided. I know that as soon as he’s on the trot then we’ll be well and truly left behind!

Whilst that’s all going on we have a child who is so giggly and happy. He loves us chasing after him as he madly crawls away whilst laughing his divine throaty chuckle! He plays independently with his millions of toys, trying to stick his spoons into every hidy hole he can find. He loves to flick through the pages in his books, and tears out the odd page when he’s on a whim. He particularly loves my cook books, so I’m a hopeful mummy that he’ll one day possess some culinary skills. Our child loves to play peek-a-boo with anyone who will play, even with some unsuspecting participants. Again, he throws back the head and gives out that amazing chuckle.

These two children are actually the same child…we’ve got a Jekyll and Hyde! But the thing I realise is that we’re not alone! Most parents who have a one year old, and/or older, will have one of these children too! It’s the fun and games of parenthood and if you didn’t have the you times you wouldn’t then really be able to appreciate the good times. I wouldn’t change my little man for anything, even when he’s having an almighty tantrum!

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Vicious cycle

Common Cold germ cross stitch by aliciawatkins on easy

Common Cold germ cross stitch by aliciawatkins on Etsy

We have had two weeks of a cold going around our house, and it seems to have taken over our lives. It’s the first cold that our little dude has caught, and it was just awful seeing him struggle through it. He slurped, gurgled, coughed and spluttered his way through his feeds and his nose has been like a dripping tap that can’t be turned off. To make matters worse, he won’t let his mother wipe his nose! Happy for everyone else to, but for some reason I’m not allowed to get near that dripping tap.

The common cold has always been a nightmare, and being a teacher seems to be a pre-requisite for getting one at least twice a year (more if you’re super lucky), so I was pretty familiar with the side effects. It was hard enough having one pre-child, but when you have a child and a cold, it is damn hard work! I achieved nothing last week because when I put my son to bed I went off to mine too. Thankfully child #1 was having a great week for sleeps, so I managed to “catch up” a bit and the common cold didn’t turn into anything worse or particularly unmanageable. I was popping the Vit C like there was no tomorrow, and I am grateful for a flourishing lemon tree and some yummy honey that helped take the edge off. The fire was roaring and 25 degrees inside was never quite warm enough!

We’re all over the dreaded cold now, but I am certainly determined to ensure none of us, especially our little man, get the cold again this year.

What are your tips for getting through winter and all the ailments – either with children or without?!